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About Dash Cams

Dash cams have risen in popularity over the last few years sometimes referred to as crash cams or dashcams. Equipping your vehicle with a dash cam will give you the peace of mind that in the unfortunate event of an accident footage of the event will be recorded which can be used for an insurance claim, evidence or even upload onto youtube!

Some dash cam also come with a rear camera to allow you to record vision behind your car these are usually referred to as 2 channel or 2-ch cameras.

Newer higher end dash cams have features such as WiFi connectivity to a smart phone, GPS tracking, road safety alerts, night vision mode and even time-lapse modes for extending recording.

As with any electrical device dash cams require a power source most cameras come included with a cigarette lighter adapter to power the unit. Most brands of cameras have optional hardwiring kits (HWC) these allow you to wire the camera directly to your fuse box for neater wiring this also in some cameras enables park mode.

Park mode is ideal for when you park your car this allows the camera to monitor the cars surrounding and in the event of an incident it will capture footage giving you extra security. To avoid the camera draining your cars battery the hard wiring kit will monitor the voltage of your battery and turn off the camera when it senses the voltage is too low to avoid draining your battery.

Our Range of Dash Cams

We have a wide range of dash cams from brands such as Gator, Navman, KenwoodiRoad  and Thinkware. Our range of Dash Cams covers a wide ranger of shoppers from customers who want a budget camera or consumers who want the latest and greatest technology packed with cutting edge features & technology we have the right dash cam for you!

Automotive Superstore is an authorised dealer for all the dash cam brands we sell, all cameras are backed with a full manufacturer warranty and local support.

We also have an extensive range of dash cam accessories to help you get the most out of your camera.

If you are unsure of which is the the best camera for you we have a detailed buying guide to help make sense of all the terminology and features so you can find the pick the best camera to buy!

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