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Blackvue dash cams have set the standard for quality and excellence since their inception and, with a commitment to innovation and design, continue to lead the way in dash cam equipment technology; Blackvue are the only choice when it comes to providing you with unparalleled recording quality, accessibility and connectivity in the ever-changing world of dash cams.

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Why Buy Blackvue

As market leaders with a range of both HD and Full-HD single-channel and dual-channel dash cam products, it is Blackvue's unique implementation of such technologies as WiFi, GPS and Cloud computing - all whilst focusing on the end-user - that ensures Blackvue are the only choice for your next dash cam solution.

When it comes to choosing the right dash cam products for your particular application, the chief areas to consider include the camera's imaging capabilities and picture quality, recording methods and options, how easy the dash cam is to setup and use and what it's like to use on an everyday basis. Blackvue's dash cams tick every one of these boxes with, depending on the model you choose, flagship Sony lenses recording upto Dual Full-HD 1080p video in compact devices that are easy to use and bristling with technology and features that you don't need an IT degree to operate. Quality and value you can rely on - that's Blackvue!

Our Range of Backvue Dash Cams

As an Authorised Blackvue dealer (#719), not only does purchasing from Automotive Superstore give you peace of mind that your dash camera solution is covered by local warranty and support, but we also stock the complete range of Blackvue products, all the way from the entry-level DR450 single-channel Full-HD solution up to the premium DR750S 2-channel (front and rear) Full-HD setup with WiFi capabilities, Cloud-compatability and GPS!

All Blackvue dash cams offer support for up to 128Gb MicroSD cards, Parking mode for recording any incidents that may occur when your vehicle is parked, and an impact sensor that automatically records when the inbuilt 3-axis accelerometer detects any major impacts, bumps or sudden acceleration or braking moments! Blackvue also offer both a 'Truck' and 'IR' variant of the highly-popular DR750S 2-channel dash cam setup; the 'Truck' model is designed for commercial vehicles with an exterior-mounted Infra-Red rear camera (which can also be used as a reverse camera with the addition of an optional R100 unit), whilst the 'IR' version of the DR750S has an Infra-Red rear camera ideal for recording inside the cabin at night (a great idea for taxis or, in conjunction with the standard Parking mode function, potentially invaluable if you have to park your car on the street each night!).

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