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About Family Accessories

At Automotive Superstore, we know how important family is, and their safety is our utmost concern. Keeping your little ones happy and comfortable in the car is high up on the priority list, too. Nobody wants to think about what would happen in the event of an accident, but it’s important to be prepared with a car seat or booster seat that will protect your little ones. Another thing nobody wants to do? Go on a long drive with kids who are crying because the sun is in their eyes or the dog is sitting on them. At Automotive Superstore, we want to make your family drive safe and comfortable.

We also realize that combining modern family life and motoring can often result in a bit of a mess; there are so many bits and pieces you need, which seem to accumulate faster than you had ever thought possible. Kids and pets can be chaotic and inadvertently damage your car. In addition to protecting your family and pets, we also stock products that will protect your car from scratches, fur, and car seats. Although you might never want to admit your concerns over how little ones may damage your car, we’ve got what you need to keep all of your babies safe.

When it comes to keeping your family and pets happy and safe, all the gear you need can be found right here at Automotive Superstore.

Our Range of Family Products

We have a variety of state-of-the-art car seats to keep your little passengers safe and sound, whether they’re in a baby car seat, a booster seat, or you’ve got your eye on a convertible seat that will grow with them. We have window shades that will protect the kids from the sun’s harmful rays. We even have strollers for when your little ones are not in the car.

If you’re worried about what a car seat will do to the seats in your car, don’t worry; we thought of that too. Grab our car seat protector to keep the car seat from damaging your car seats! We also carry a boot mat with fold-out bumper protection, to keep your bumper safe from scratches when loading items - such as strollers - into the boot of your car.

We also have a range of car interior organizers. We know how chaotic kids can be sometimes, so we carry products that are just the thing to keep objects tidy and always right where you need them. Use our seat organizer to keep things tucked away on the back of the seat, or our boot organizer for stowing items in the trunk neatly. Make family road trips a little easier and less stressful with a visor cd holder and a backseat travel tray with table; with good music and happy kids, family drives will be a breeze.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the family pets either. At Automotive Superstore, your furry friends matter to us, too, so we stock a range of quality products made especially to treat the four-legged members of your tribe! Pet seat covers keep your seats clean from pet fur, drool, and mud from that hike or dog park run you just came back from. Our pet barrier keeps everyone safe by keeping your pet in the back of the car, where they won’t be able to crawl into your lap or sit on the kids. If your pet is small, a back seat divider may be a better choice; they’ll be a little closer to you, but won’t be able to get into the front seats.

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