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Mobil is a well-known and highly-respected producer of superior engine oils and in fact, as part of the ExxonMobil group since the late-1990s, are the largest publicly-traded international oil and gas company on the planet. However, Mobil's local history here in Australia dates back to 1895 when, known by their original name of the Vacuum Oil company, an outlet in Melbourne was opened before the company and its partners expanded into major local oil refining operations and gas exploration throughout much of the 20th Century. Today, Mobil's oils, lubricants and specialist automotive fluids continue to set the standard for consumers and professionals alike and are even the choice of many new vehicle manufacturers!

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Why Buy Mobil

Mobil make very effective use of their resources and technical know-how to continually innovate in order to remain one of the world's leading refiners, developers and producers of petroleum, oil and transport-centric chemicals and specialist fluids. Via heavy involvement with cutting-edge motorsport, Mobil's wide variety of extensive research and development programmes continue to lead to high-quality products that provide high-performance results under stress in tough environments, a long service life and value that is unmatched in the marketplace today.

The Mobil Range

At Automotive Superstore we are proud stockists of an immense range of Mobil's engine oils and lubricants, starting with the 'Super' series of engine oils, available in 'Super 1000' mineral oil, 'Super 2000' semi-synthetic oil and 'Super 3000' fully-synthetic oil to suit all manner of vehicles and applications. Also available from Mobil are perhaps their best known engine oil products, the famous 'Mobil 1' range of fully-synthetic engine oils; designed to protect and lubricate in the harshest environments possible, 'Mobil 1' oils are the last word in engine protection and the choice of motorsport professionals and performance motoring enthusiasts the world over. Owners of diesel-powered vehicles aren't left out either, with Mobil's 'Delvac' range of diesel-specific oils the choice of both original equipment (OE) commercial vehicle manufacturers and trucking professionals alike.

It's not just engine oils that Mobil are known for, they also offer a line of supplementary automotive specialist fluids designed to perform under the harshest Australian conditions, including dedicated automatic transmission fluid (ATF), brake and clutch fluid you can rely on, and engine coolant/anti-freeze to keep engine temperatures in check at all times. Regardless of the application, let Automotive Superstore help your car, 4x4, SUV, van, truck or ute thrive with a solution tailored to your needs from Mobil's outstanding range of engine oil lubricants and fluids!

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