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About Spark Plug Leads

Even with the advent of coil-on-plug ignition systems these days, where each cylinder's spark plug is powered by a dedicated ignition coil attached directly to the plug itself, there are many vehicles both new and used that carry electrical energy from the coil(s) to the spark plugs via ignition leads.

Comprised of specialist electrical cabling encased in a protective coating and with the requisite connectors on each end, spark plug leads do wear out due to either age, heat, damage or a combination of all three. Carrying large amounts of electrical current combined with the harsh environment of an engine bay takes a toll on electrical components and spark plug leads are a key servicing item to both monitor regularly and replace either at regular intervals or sooner if performance degradation is identified.

For performance applications, increasing the diameter of your spark plug leads can also pay dividends by enabling more spark energy to be carried, creating a "bigger bang", so to speak.

Our Range of Spark Plug Leads

In addition to the range of factory-replacement spark plug lead sets available from the two major global specialists in ignition system componentry, Bosch and NGK, Automotive Superstore are proud stockists of Eagle and Top Gun spark plug lead systems; based in Australia, Eagle and Top Gun are specialist manufacturers of both factory-replacement and aftermarket performance spark plug leads to suit all manner of performance applications - contact us to find a spark plug lead set to suit your car today!

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