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About Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are a major part of your car suspension system, shock absorbers as indicated by the name they help reduce bumps, vibrations and shocks to help your car travel smoothly over the road.

Depending on the type of vehicle and your style of driving you may opt for more firm shocks for higher performance this help keep your car more level in corning which increases performance and steering response but at the cost of comfort.

Luxury and high end vehicles usually have softer shocks which make for a less bumpy ride in some vehicles the shocks can be adjusted on the fly to become firmer to give a sportier feel and response.

Shock absorbers are a vital safety component of your car its essential to ensure you shocks are in good condition that they are not leaking and are replaced when worn out. Faulty Shock Absorbers can significantly reduce your braking and corning performance.

At Automotive Superstore we have a wide range of shocks no matter what brand of vehicle you own or your style of driving we have a suitable brand and model for you to buy!

Our range includes well known home grown brands such as Monroe and KYB to European models such as Bilstein and Sachs for 4wd enthusiast we have Drivetech 4x4 shocks.

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