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Valvoline (Oils & Lubricants)

Valvoline is one of the world's leading producers of high quality oils and lubricants and, having first produced engine oil in 1866, excel at providing premium products designed to protect your vehicle at all costs. No matter what the application, Valvoline have a specific product formulated to provide the ultimate in protection against wear whilst maximising lubricity - it's quite simply expertise you can trust.

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Why Buy Valvoline

With a range of engine oils encompassing mineral, semi-synthetic and fully-synthetic formulae, Valvoline have a product to suit your application. For road car or race, passenger car or truck, industrial equipment or farm machinery, the experts at Valvoline have been developing and refining - if you'll pardon the pun - high-quality oils and lubricants that survive and continue to protect under the most extreme conditions and arduous circumstances.

Explore the Valvoline Range

In addition to the extensive range of Valvoline oils and lubricants for all manner of engines, transmissions and differentials, here at Automotive Superstore we also stock Valvoline's specialist fluids for use with brakes, clutches and power steering along with diesel-specifc Adblue products, a variety of engine coolant solutions and workshop chemicals including greases, cleaning products and specialist solvents and lubricant sprays.

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