Upgrading a car sound system can offer a range of benefits and improvements to your overall driving and entertainment experience. Reasons why someone might want to upgrade their car sound system include better audio quality, enhanced bass, customisation, higher volume, advanced features, upgrades materials, noise isolation, resale value, personal enjoyment, technology integration, visual appeal and tailored acoustics.

Why Choose Automotive Superstore to Install your Sound System?

As one of Australia’s largest online retailers of car audio products, we have relationships with all the best brands, and benefit from priority supply and some of the best acquisition costs in the country. Accordingly, our Sydney-based showroom and installation team are able to source whatever you need, and are often able to offer prices not possible from competing stores, ensuring you get the very best car audio gear at the most cost effective price, fitted by the most competent and experienced installers around.

Experience the Automotive Superstore difference today:

Installing car audio systems is more than our job -- it's our passion. Whether you want a new set of speakers or the ultimate car stereo, we've got you covered.

With our head units and speakers, you can upgrade to the latest music and entertainment options. Many head units feature large touch screens with intuitive menus and HD video playback. Connect your smartphone and enjoy features such as streaming music, GPS navigation, and hands-free calls.

For more powerful sound, we also have a range of amps to subwoofers -- backed by 20 years of installation experience. If you want immersive audio that really packs a punch, we can design and install the whole setup.

Whether it's a single component or a complete system, we'll make it sound (and look) better than you ever thought possible.

Our extensive range of head units, speakers, subwoofers, entertainment, infotainment, driving aids, safety and security parts and accessories allow us to be completely brand agnostic and assemble the ideal combination of hardware to deliver the functionality and performance you crave, with the most seamless OEM finish attainable. Whether you are after a larger display, improved phone integration, superior tuning capabilities, better sound quality, cleaner OEM integration with your factory fitted components, chances are we've got it. For the widest range to choose from, the most expert sales advice and the highest quality installation in Sydney, talk to Automotive Superstore about your sound system today.

Installation Gallery

Sound System Installation Prices

Head Unit from:

  • Remove Factory Head Unit
  • Adapt Factory Wiring For New Headunit
  • Install New Head Unit

Head Unit and Reversing Camera from:

  • Mount Reversing Camera
  • Route Camera Cabling
  • Remove Factory Head Unit
  • Adapt Factory Wiring For New Headunit
  • Install New Head Unit

Head Unit and Phone Cradle from:

  • Remove Factory Head Unit
  • Adapt Factory Wiring For New Headunit
  • Mount Phone Cradle
  • Route Phone Cabling
  • Install New Head Unit

*Price of installation includes labour only. Additional hardware and consumables, such as wiring conversions, driver circuit installation and any related mounting hardware may incur an additional charge. Exact price is dictated by the unique complexity of the product to be installed and difficulty of installation into your particular vehicle.

Reasons to Install a Car Stereo System

  1. Better Audio Quality: Factory-installed sound systems in many vehicles may not provide the best audio quality. Upgrading your car sound system can result in clearer, more balanced, and higher fidelity sound.
  2. Enhanced Bass: Factory systems often lack deep and powerful bass. Upgrading to a better subwoofer or amplifier can provide a richer and more immersive bass experience.
  3. Customization: Aftermarket sound systems offer a wide range of customization options, allowing you to choose components that match your preferred audio profile, whether you're looking for a more mellow sound or a more energetic one.
  4. Higher Volume Levels: Upgraded systems can handle higher volumes without distortion, providing a more enjoyable listening experience, especially during highway driving or on long trips.
  5. Advanced Features: Many aftermarket systems come with advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free calling, navigation integration, and compatibility with digital music sources.
  6. Upgraded Materials: Premium aftermarket speakers and components often use higher-quality materials that can result in better durability and longer-lasting performance.
  7. Noise Isolation: Upgraded sound systems often come with improved sound insulation and noise-cancelling features, reducing road and engine noise, and creating a quieter and more comfortable cabin environment.
  8. Resale Value: A well-designed and upgraded sound system can add value to your vehicle if you decide to sell it in the future, as potential buyers may be attracted to the enhanced audio experience.
  9. Personal Enjoyment: If you're an audiophile or simply love music, upgrading your car sound system can significantly enhance your enjoyment of your Favourite tunes while driving.
  10. Technology Integration: Modern aftermarket sound systems can seamlessly integrate with smartphones, tablets, and other devices, making it easier to access your music library, streaming services, and podcasts while on the road.
  11. Visual Appeal: Upgraded sound systems often come with stylish displays, touchscreen interfaces, and customizable lighting options that can improve the visual aesthetics of your car's interior.
  12. Tailored Acoustics: Many high-end aftermarket systems allow you to fine-tune the acoustics of your car's interior, ensuring optimal sound quality no matter where you're seated.

Our Locations in Sydney

Our head office and showroom is located in Castle Hill and our installation facility is centrally located in Northmead here in northwest Sydney. Expansive in area and equipped with all the necessities needed to carry out all manner of car modification, including a 2 and 4-post hoist for wheel and undercar work, our installation facility is second to none. Reach out to us here at Automotive Superstore to discuss your installation needs, and book your installation today.

Car Stereo Installation FAQs

Generally speaking all cars will take either a Single DIN or Double DIN head unit however for some Toyota and Subaru models will require a 200mm wide unit, which we can provide.

The typical Double DIN unit will have a screen size ranging from 6" - 7" diagonally. If you are looking for a larger display there are some units with floating screens that can meet this requirement.

For most installations you will require a facia kit to ensure the unit fits neatly into your factory dash and various wiring harnesses and adaptors.

The wiring harnesses and adaptors will return your factory harnesses and avoid the need to cut any factory wires.

We can retain steering wheel controls on most vehicles this will allow you to use all standard features such as answering calls, changing volume, muting volume and changing tracks/stations.

With any compatible head unit (double din multimedia screens) we are able to fit an aftermarket reverse camera.

The camera is typically fitted above your number plate and will automatically trigger when the car is placed in reverse.

It is possible to also have a forwarding facing camera however we strongly recommend picking a head unit with dual RCA inputs so you can also have a rear camera as well.

For most upgrades your factory wiring will sufficient and can be reused. However, depending on the age of the vehicle it may be necessary to upgrade your factory wiring e.g. vehicles built before 1990. If your speaker upgrade requires an amplifier we typically recommend also upgrading your wiring.

For most vehicles it is possible to retain the factory reverse camera however the chimes can be more difficult and we suggest you contact our customer support team to confirm.

Your manufacturers warranty covers myriad aspects of your vehicle. No single modification has the capacity to completely void your entire manufacturers warranty, which must be consistent with Australian Consumer Laws. With that said, in some cases, modifying particular aspects of your vehicle can create grounds for manufacturers to refuse a warranty claim is you have substantially modified the OEM wiring, parts or functionality of the vehicle.

Our installation facility is not accessible to the public and is constantly monitored by CCTV. With that said, we are unable to take responsibility for personal effects and other items not part of the vehicle being worked on. Accordingly, for simplicity and peace of mind, it is advisable you remove any valuables from the vehicle prior to leaving it with us or anyone else. Removing your personal items from the vehicle will also negate any need for us to work around, move or so much as touch your personal items, thus will make it easier for us to perform the tasks we need to get the job done for you in an efficient and timely fashion.

Yes, we offer a lifetime warranty on our work. This includes aftermarket wiring, mountings and fasteners and other things we might add to your vehicle. The products themselves are covered by their relevant manufacturer’s warranty which is bolstered by Australian Consumer Law, which requires the product be fit for purpose and reasonably durable.