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    Seat Covers Seat Covers Throw-over Seat Covers, Sheepskin Seat Covers, Vehicle Specific Seat Covers,
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    Mats Mats Floor Mats, Dash Mats, Boot Mats,
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    Interior Protection Interior Protection Steering Wheel Covers, Seat Belt Covers, Front Sunshades, Window Shades, Window Tint,
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    Interior Accessories Interior Accessories Boss Kits, Gear Knobs & Pedals, Misc Accessories, Pedal Pads, Seats, Seat Accessories, Steering Wheels,
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    Exterior Accessories Exterior Accessories Body Protection, Car Covers, Mirrors, Mud Flaps, Motorbike Cover, Protection Film, Trailer & Caravan Covers, Wraps & Decals, Weathershields,
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    Emergencies & Brakedown Emergencies & Brakedown Fire Blankets, Fire Extinguishers, Safety Triangles,
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    Mobile Phone Mobile Phone Car Kits, Magnetic Holders, Phone Charger & Mount, Phone Cradles, Phone & Device Mounts, Install Brackets,
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    Gadgets Gadgets Audio / Music Transmitters, USB Chargers,
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    Number Plate Number Plate Rego, L & P Plates, Number Plate Covers,
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    Cargo Cargo Bike Carriers, Cargo Nets, Luggage Straps, Tie Down Straps,
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About Accessories

Have you ever heard the saying “clothes make the man”?

If this is true, then “accessories make the car” could also be true, couldn’t it? We think so. There’s nothing more plain or boring than a car that looks just like every other.

Customize your vehicle with your own personal touches by adding the accessories that suit you and your ride. There’s nobody else like you, so let your car express that. Whether you’re just interested in a seat cover with a cat’s face on it, or you want to completely swap out your steering wheel, seats, pedals, and gearshift, we can help you turn your car into a vehicle that is like no other.

At Automotive Superstore, we can be of assistance in your quest to personalize your car. We have a massive range of automotive accessories to personalize the exterior and interior of your vehicle, as well as some great gadgets and safety accessories.

Our Range of Accessories Products

For the exterior of your ride, how about something small, like numberplate covers? Maybe subtle pinstripes are more your style? You could also completely personalize the exterior with an entire vinyl wrap, you just have to decide if camo, sticker bombs, or classic neutrals suits you best.

You’d be amazed at how much you can customize inside your car, with both big changes and small. The small changes involve simple accessories such as a coin case, drink holder, tissue box, compass, sunglasses holder, or tidy bag. Interested in a change that will make more of an instant visual impact? Add seat covers in any style - do you like red? Cats? Sheepskin? Personalize your ride with seat covers, which have the added benefit of protecting your upholstery, or get new seats entirely.

You can also customize your accessories to match. Personalize your steering wheel. Have you always dreamed of a red leather steering wheel, or a woodgrain one? Browse our interior accessories and find the products that suit you. Personalize the shape and design of your pedal pads. Customize the shape, style, and design of your gear knob; you could get a gear knob that matches your new pedal pads. You could also match your gear knob to your steering wheel; remember that red leather we talked about? Swap out your floor mats for new ones. Pick out a facia kit that is specific to your vehicle. You can even get LED replacements for the interior lights. There are so many different ways to customize your car in a way that makes it entirely unique to you.

Keeping your car protected is important, too, so we carry an assortment of protective accessories. Add some window film or a sun shade to keep the interior of your car safe from sun damage. Keep your headlights and paintwork protected from stone gravel grit and road debris damage with completely invisible protective film that won’t negatively impact your aerodynamic efficiency. Don’t forget to protect your car with a waterproof cover when you’re done; we have those too.

More interested in the sensible accessories? We carry no nonsense products as well, for the practical hobbyist or mechanic. Grab a blindspot mirror or a towing mirror to improve your visibility. We carry safety triangles, fire extinguishers, wheel chocks, and fire blankets. Your safety is important, so when you are customizing your ride with parts from Automotive Superstore, don’t forget to browse the accessories that will also help to keep you safe.

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