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About Chainsaw/Mower Oils

With chainsaws and mowers - and similar engine-driven pieces of gardening or landscaping equipment for that matter, be it a 2-stroke or 4-stroke powerplant in question - the engine oil has a lot to deal with; it has to be cope with possibly being changed only infrequently and/or sit around a long time between use, yet still be capable of providing stellar levels of lubrication when pressed into use, often without mercy!

Whether your chainsaw or mower only sees the light of day a few times a year or is a vital piece of machinery you use everyday to earn an income, using the right engine oil is a big part of staying on top of the maintenance of your petrol-powered chainsaw or mower. In addition to the engine oil, chainsaw lube is another fluid that you ignore at your peril! For the best advice and right price, Automotive Superstore can help with all your chainsaw/mower oiling needs.

Our Range of Chainsaw/Mower Oils

Considering the potential danger involved when it comes to operating a chainsaw or mower, it makes sense to us at Automotive Superstore to make sure these devices are serviced regularly and for the right oil and lube products we whole-heartedly recommend Castrol and Valvoline products for one main reason - they work! Contact us to see how Automotive Superstore can help you keep your chainsaw and/or mower running in good health!

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