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    4WD Electrical 4WD Electrical Indicators & Markers, Hand Lamps, LED Light Bars, Portable Fridges, Power Inverters, Solar Panels,
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    External Accessories External Accessories Combo Tail Lights, Reverse Lighting, Ropes, Reflectors, Ramps, Tow Balls,
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    Communication Communication UHF Radios, 4WD Antennas, Mounts,
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    4WD Parts 4WD Parts 4WD Suspension, Bow & D Shackles, Chassis, Engine Bay, Snorkels,
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    Recovery Recovery 4WD Jacks, Recovery Kits, Recovery Straps, Recovery Boards, Shovels, Tow Hooks,
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    Winch Winch Winch Cables, Winch Components, Winch Controls, Winch Fairleads, Winch Hooks, Winch Power Cables, Winch Ropes, Winches,
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    Protection Protection Light Covers, Mud Mats, Underbody Armour,
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    Caravan Caravan Levelling Accessories,
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    Trailer Trailer Axle Accessories, Axel Stubs, Jockey Stands, Jockey Wheels, Trailer Axles, Trailer Cables, Trailer Couplings, Trailer Bearing Kits, Trailer Board, Trailer Hubs, Trailer Lamps, Trailer Locks, Trailer Plugs & Sockets,
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    Containers Containers Fuel Containers, Water Containers,
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    Towing Towing Brake Controllers, ECU Harnesses, Towing Hitches,
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About 4x4 / 4WD & Touring

Do you ever feel the need to get away from it all and escape to the great outdoors, hitting the trail with your friends or blazing your own trail solo? Us too. We know the thrill of the natural world and are just as off-road obsessed as you are, so let us fuel your 4WD addiction with our parts and accessories.

Is your 4X4 not quite the off-road beast you feel like it should be? Boulders, mud, hills and canyons should be no match for your 4WD. We can help you upgrade your rig with lights and solar panels, communication equipment, recovery supplies, and even a portable fridge.

If your off-road experience is lacking, you’ve come to the right place. Our selection of parts can help improve your next off-road adventure by turning your 4WD into the high performing monster you’ve dreamed of.

Our Range of Products for 4WD

At Automotive Superstore, we understand both the freedom found in the great outdoors and what parts and accessories can take your experience to the next level. You’ll be overcoming your off-road obstacles in no time, and off on a thrilling 4x4 adventure. We have everything you need to upgrade your 4WD and your off-roading experience.

Without city lights and street lights, it can get pretty dark when you are out there in the wilderness. Even if you aren’t off-roading at night, you can encounter some pretty bad visibility conditions sometimes. What better time to add some auxiliary lights, spot lights, LED marker lights, trailer lights, or reversing lights? We carry a huge range of lights and lighting accessories that we are proud of; if we don’t have it, it’s probably not worth having anyway!

When things get rough, don’t let it stop you. A number of unexpected circumstances can come up when you’re off-roading. Our range of recovery gear will have you exploring again in no time. Recovery boards, tow hooks, straps, and shovels are essentials for off-road excursions. Keep in contact with your convoy or your family and friends, or call for help if you need it with our assortment of communication equipment. We carry UHF radios, 4WD antennae, and mounting equipment.

Going off-road can take quite a toll on your 4WD, so it is important to keep up with servicing if you like to push your vehicle to the extreme. We carry an immense range of parts and consumable items to keep your 4WD running reliably both on-road and off! Underbody armour kits will keep your vehicle protected while you’re exploring, no matter what terrain you’re covering. Whether it’s beaches, parks, prairies, or mountains that you’re traveling through, we’ll keep you safe so you can enjoy the ride.

Go a step further with your parts and accessories, and make your off-road vehicle much more comfortable and functional. Use one of our power inverters to power your toaster, microwave, or television. We also carry a range of solar panels and portable fridges to take your 4x4 excursion to the next level. We stock an assortment of parts for all your trailer and towing needs as well, so you can haul whatever you need to out on the trail.

The parts and supplies from Automotive Superstore will help get you off the road with your 4WD vehicle so you can leave the blacktop behind you. You’ll be exploring the world, climbing over boulders and making your way through the mud in no time!

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