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About Fuel Filters

Fuel, petrol, gasoline, benzina - whatever nomenclature you prefer - is a rather precisely-engineered and developed refined chemical which does not even remotely tolerate outside contaminants. All sorts of foreign compounds can ruin the fuel your car needs in order to operate and a healthy filtration system is a necessary ingredient for proper, efficient combustion ensuring your vehicle performs as intended.

Water is one of the big "no-nos" when it comes to harmful fuel contaminants, often uncovered when the large tanks at the petrol station you just filled-up from has ingested water from heavy rainstorms etc., but practically any object, large or small, can affect the quality of the fuel in your car. From microscopic dirt particles which can clog injectors, through to flakes of rust from an ageing fuel tank, it really does pay to keep your fuel filter fresh, clean and replaced at regular intervals.

Our Range of Fuel Filters

Although often overlooked, replacing your fuel filter on a regular basis has real-world advantages, especially when petrol stations experiencing contamination by water ingress is a common issue these days. Issues surrounding the use of Ethanol-blended fuels, especially on cars that sit for long periods of time, means ensuring your fuel supply is filtered properly should be high on one's list of priorities. Luckily, Automotive Superstore has you covered when it comes to replacement fuel filters, with our large range of filtration partners including the European powerhouse of Mann, Australian-based Ryco, Wesfil and Fuelmiser.

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