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About Oil

Life is pretty harsh for the various oils found in the average vehicle. Not only do they have to perform their primary duties of lubricating mechanical components under horrendous stress, they have the added strain of also acting as internal cleaning agents and even playing a part in controlling internal temperatures all the while under extreme pressure and temperatures. It's no wonder oils have a service life and need to be replaced on a regular basis to maintain their levels of performance and keep your car, SUV, 4WD, ute, van, truck, boat, mower or piece of farm machinery operating in prime health!

Just when to change the various oils in your vehicle - and that could be engine, transmission, differential or hydraulic system oils, among others - is largely down to the recommendations put forth by the vehicle manufacturer. Having said that, changing oil more frequently is never a bad thing, either, especially if your driving involves many short trips where mechanical components rarely reach operating temperature - also recognising that the most engine wear tends to occur at start-up - or if you tow heavy loads frequently or drive the vehicle under extreme conditions.

Exactly which replacement oil to choose can be a daunting proposition, what with the huge range of different types of oil and the various viscosity ratings they come in. This again is where the manufacturer's recommendations come into play - if the recommended oil for your car's engine is a 5W-30 multi-grade oil, using a thicker 20W-50 product might not offer the same cold-temperature levels of lubrication, for example (in a multi-grade oil, the first number denotes the viscosity at a cold temperature, the second number the viscosity at normal operating levels). The same goes for things like differential oil, too; using an oil that doesn't have the required mixture of ingredients for a differential with a limited-slip centre (LSD) can damage the differential in relatively short order - which is rarely a cheap fix.

Here at Automotive Superstore we offer a huge range of oils for all types of uses - for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, boats, motorcycles and even mowers and farm machinery. To explore the range of oils we have to suit your particular application, we encourage you to use the parts finder (above) to search for your particular vehicle or contact us as we're only too happy to help you get the right product and at the right price!

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