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About Glow Plugs

Don't worry, our diesel friends, we haven't forgotten about you! Glow plugs are basically small heating elements designed to help starting a diesel engine from cold and when they aren't working, cold starts are near-impossible! Servicing intervals are a good indicator of when to replace the glow plugs in your diesel engine but if you live in a very cold climate or experience cold-starts regularly, more frequent servicing of the glow plugs is a good idea as they play an important part of the reliability of your diesel-powered vehicle.

Our Range of Glow Plugs

At Automotive Superstore we have a range of glow plugs to suit your diesel powerplant - the full range of NGK-fitment glow plugs is brought to you in conjunction with Australian Fuel Injection (AFI), an Australian distributor in specialist diesel (and fuel) and ignition systems. Then there's the range of Bosch glow plugs, with a solution to suit your diesel no matter where in the world it originates from, and, for those 4WD enthusiasts, our parnership with Drivetech, an Australian manufacturer and supplier of high-quality parts includes glow plugs to suit your precise application. You can use our parts finder, above, to search for the right glow plugs for your vehicle, or ask us for help - that's what we're here for!

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