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Brake Pad Sensors

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About Brake Pad Sensors

Brake pad sensors are a device that lets your vehicle's onboard systems know that your brake pads need changing (and that you, as the owner, should have the brakes serviced). These brake pad sensors work in conjunction with the brake pad friction material - as the brake pads wear with use they eventually expose the sensor which, depending on the vehicle, either breaks or completes a circuit triggering the sensor to output to the car's brain that the brake pads have been abraded away to the point where they need changing. Replacing the brake pad sensors should be done whenever the brake pads themselves are replaced, not replacing the sensors often results in annoying warning lights on the dashboard not going away until the brake pad sensors are indeed replaced.

Our Range of Brake Pad Sensors

By teaming-up with Bendix, the international friction material experts with an Australian manufacturing facility, Automotive Superstore are proud to bring you a range of brake pad sensors in both car-specific models and universal-fitment applications - use the parts finder (above) to find the brake pad sensors applicable to your vehicle or ask us for assistance, that's what we're here for!

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