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About Transmission Filters

Much like engine oil filters, transmission filters work by filtering contaminants from the fluid used by your transmission to make it function, keeping it healthy and functioning as intended. Life inside a transmission is particularly harsh due to the heat and pressure-packed environment and debris from overheated or worn components can drastically hasten a transmission's demise.

Transmission filters are nearly all vehicle-specific and, depending on your particular transmission type, usually include a new transmission pan gasket along with the the new filter cartridge assembly necessary for reassembly when servicing the transmission. The manufacturer's recommended service intervals are a good guide for filter changes but it certainly doesn't hurt to give your transmission a treat with a new filter on a regular basis, especially if you drive in harsh environments, at sustained high speeds, or tow trailers on a regular basis. Or all three. Don't forget to pick up some new transmission fluid, too!

Our Range of Transmission Filters

Transmissions today are complicated and expensive items to repair or replace, hence why it pays in the long run to keep your transmission healthy and serviced regularly, ensuring it uses only filtered transmission fluid. By working with the European brand Mann in conjunction with the Australian-based filtration experts at Ryco and Wesfil, based in Western Australia, Automotive Superstore has your transmission filtration needs taken care of no matter what you drive.

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