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About Motorcycle Oils

Motorcycle engines come in two main configurations, namely 2-stroke and 4-stroke form, and both have markedly different requirements from their oil. Whereas 4-stroke engines have basically most of the same factors to consider as oil for car engines - with the additional concern of higher engine revs to take into account in some circumstances - 2-stroke engines are designed to use the oil to help with combustion, meaning 2-stroke-specific oil has a decidedly different set of additives designed to be burned-off instead of remaining inside the engine to help with lubrication. Obviously, it's not advisable to use the wrong oil with the wrong type of engine - and that's where Automotive Superstore can help you obtain the right oil for your motorcycle (or ATV), just let us know how we can help you today.

Our Range of Motorcycle Oils

At Automotive Superstore we are proud to stock the world's best products from the world's three largest manufacturers of oil for motorcycle use - Castrol, Mobil and Valvoline - and, together, their combined range of oils ensures we have what you need to keep your motorcycle running in tip-top condition.

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