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About Fluids/Grease

Everyone knows about oil and fuel when it comes to making a vehicle run and drive, but it's the other lubricants and fluids used in all manner of vehicles that need careful attention, too. Just like oil, fluids such as brake fluid, clutch fluid (where applicable), power steering fluid and radiator coolant are all consumable items that routinely need replacing in order to keep a vehicle maintained in excellent, healthy condition.

Aside from engine internals that need the lubrication that oil provides to keep on spinning, there are other mechanical parts of a car that need lubricants in the form of specific forms of grease in order to operate; pretty much everything that spins, rotates or revolves on or in a vehicle that doesn't have it's own oil or means of lubrication needs a grease compound - from lithium grease for smooth door hinge operation to specific grades of high-temperature grease for wheel bearings and other similar driveline components.

When servicing your vehicle, there are a wide variety of sprays which also come into play that Automotive Superstore can help you with; sprays such as those for cleaning air filters, sprays for cleaning brake parts or sprays for simply repelling water, to name but a few. Last but not least, there are a wide range of additives available to help keep your car, SUV, 4WD, ute, van or truck running smoothly including everything from octane boosters and fuel/diesel system cleaners, to engine flush treatments and friction-reducing compound additives.

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