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About Brake Pad Sets

The most important thing about servicing a vehicle's braking system - aside from ensuring the work is done properly and safely, of course - is that whatever you do on one side of a vehicle, you do to the other too. Simply replacing the brake pad(s) on one side or corner of a vehicle will result in rather wayward stopping performance indeed as, under brakes, the vehicle will pull horrendously and unevenly to the corner with the new components. Ergo, buying brake pads in sets is the only way to go - which is where the range of brake pad sets at Automotive Superstore comes into play; to find the right brake pads for your vehicle, we encourage you to use the parts finder (above) for your specific vehicle or get in touch with our staff who are only too eager to help.

Our Range of Brake Pad Sets

Brake pads are not only an important factor in a vehicle's braking system and functionality, they are also a large influence on how the brakes feel to the driver, and how they influence stopping power in conjunction with the disc brake rotors. Inferior brake pads made of what often feel like sponge are terrible at actually stopping your vehicle, fade after only a small number of brake applications and thus inspire literally no confidence in the brakes whatsoever. Quality replacement brake pads, or, better yet, performance-oriented brake pads, on the other hand, can be a revelation in braking with incredible resistance to fade and stable, consistent braking time and time again.

Bendix are an international expert in braking system components and have a manufacturing facility right here in Australia producing high-quality brake pad sets for your car, SUV, 4WD, ute, van or truck. For performance applications you can't go past the range of brake pads from renowned international brake manufacturer, Brembo, whilst hailing from Japan, Project Mu's range of performance brake pads are ideal for cars that also see a bit of track use.

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