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About Disc Brake Rotors

Disc brake rotors are one of the most important parts on your entire car as they play a major part in the braking system, ensuring you can stop safely. The primary job of a brake disc is, via application of the brake pedal actuating callipers to squeeze brake pads against the disc rotors, to convert the car's rotational kinetic energy to heat and then dissipate that heat as efficiently as possible. If your brake discs overheat, their efficiency is markedly reduced, braking performance is greatly affected and damage to the discs' surface can occur meaning they will need to be replaced earlier.

Common signs that it is time to change your disc brake rotors are reduced braking performance, shuddering felt through the brake pedal or metal-on-metal grinding sounds when your brakes are applied. When replacing your brake rotors, we strongly recommend also changing your brake pads as this will ensure you get the most life and performance from your new brake discs.

Our Range

Automotive Superstore works closely with DBA (Disc Brakes Australia) to bring you a premier range of brake discs. DBA is a world-leading Australian company manufacturing world class brake discs and their range is suitable as an O.E. (Original Equipment) replacement all the way through to serious motorsport applications such as V8 Supercars.

For the more budget-conscious buyer we also have a wide range of Protex brake discs to suit the vast majority of Australian vehicles. To learn more about brakes and how to choose new or uprated braking system componentry please read our blog read our blog.

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