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About Brakes

The brakes on a car are wonderful examples of mechanical engineering at work. Your foot depresses the mechanical brake pedal, this force is interpreted as hydraulic pressure which in turn operates mechanisms to make friction material abrade against a rotating mass, harnessing the car's rotational energy and converting it into heat, thereby slowing the vehicle down. The problem is, not only does the friction material and the surfaces they are forced against wear out as a byproduct of operation, the system relies on each link of the chain being in serviceable and functional health and when braking involves so many operations in play, servicing of each part of a vehicle's brakes becomes incredibly important.

At Automotive Superstore we are such proponents of good braking system health that we've created a blog post - visible by clicking here - to introduce and explain braking system maintenance. The good thing about servicing the brakes of a car, SUV, 4WD, ute, van or truck is that it's still something that can usually be done by a competent person with mechanical know-how - as long as all safety precautions are made and advice from an expert sought if necessary - yet is also one aspect of vehicle maintenance that you can still have a say in by selectively purchasing upgraded components for your friendly dealership or mechanic to use for you.

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