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About Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters are something that you don't realise you needed until you get back into a car that either hasn't got one OR that has a clogged cabin air filter! Cabin air filters are designed to not only remove larger environmental objects from entering the interior of your vehicle via the ventilation system - such as leaves, twigs and even bugs etc. - but they also do a stellar job of trapping pollen as well as preventing noxious odours from the environment outside entering the cabin. They work by having the filter medium - usually either a folded paper element inside a cartridge form, sponge panel or, better yet, an activated carbon filter sponge - located in the path of the intake that the vehicle's heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system uses.

Each manufacturer has their own recommended servicing interval for replacing a cabin air filter but a good rule of thumb is to replace the cabin air filter every 6-12 months. How easy it is to replace the cabin air filter is also largely dependent on the vehicle in question, when first introduced into vehicles they tended to be in very hard-to-reach places necessitating removal of half the dashboard assembly; these days the average cabin air filter is easily accessible via a dedicated slot often accessed via the glovebox or alongside the centre console.

Our Range of Cabin Air Filters

Air quality is no joke and here at Automotive Superstore we are proud to only stock the finest replacement cabin air filters on the market today. By working with the European brand Mann in conjunction with the Australian-based filtration experts at Ryco and Wesfil based in Australia, Automotive Superstore has your cabin air filtration needs taken care of no matter what you drive. Breathe easy with Automotive Superstore!

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