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About Car Care

Do you cringe when you see a bird fly anywhere near your car, for fear of it fouling your paint? Yeah, us too.

Are you always on the lookout for rain? Or, worse yet, on the lookout for a dust storm headed your way? We do it too.

If you have more shampoos, conditioners, and washes for your car than you do for yourself, you might be a car enthusiast. That’s right, we are too.

At Automotive Superstore, we understand the importance of keeping a vehicle looking its best. Your car is an extension of yourself, a way to express who you are; there’s no shame in making sure it looks its best at all times, both inside and out. Let us help you keep your machine looking like it’s mint condition with our wide range of available products for car care, and you can drive your car without worrying about rain, dust, or birds

Our Range of Products for Car Care

Keep the interior of your car looking great with some of our carpet and upholstery cleaner, vinyl revival cleaner, and leather conditioner. Protect your interior dash from damage caused by UV exposure without leaving any greasy residue or excessive sun glare. Whether you prefer sprays, foams, aerosols, or creams, we have what you need to clean, restore, and protect all of your car’s interior surfaces.

Just need a quick clean with all purpose cleaner and a sponge? Or do you go all out to lavish your vehicle with care and attention, using an after-wash drying aid, detailing spray, metal and chrome polish, wheel and tire cleaner, wet tyre shine, wax, trim- and bumper-specific cleaner, glass cleaner, wadding polish, a headlight restoration kit, special towels, and a microfiber glove? However you choose to care for your car, we’ve got everything you could possibly need. We have a wide variety of car cleaning accessories, including wash pads, sponges, rags, wipes, microfiber cloths, chamois, towels, mitts, squeegees, brushes, dusters, bottles, containers, discs, and foam cannons. Choose from special compounds made specifically to beautify your ride, remove heavy oxidation and acid rain marks, buffer through water spots, and remove tree sap, tar, and rail dust.

When your car needs a little extra effort, grab a buffer, polisher, and wet/dry vacuum from our car cleaning power tools section. Enhance your paint color and clarity while also removing light surface contaminants and blemishes with scratch care products. If you’re planning on heading off on a road trip, stock up on bug removal spray, which is essential for easily removing kamikaze bug streaks from your car. We also carry a wide range of detailer, so whether you’re clearing grease, fingerprints, or a layer of dust, or you’re getting ready for the judges, we have what you need. Don’t forget to top off your cleaning session with an air freshener; we have just about every scent, including that coveted new car smell.

At Automotive Superstore, we stock everything you need to make your car shine bright and keep on looking amazing. Browse through the car care products we have available from brands you trust such as Meguiar's, Bowdens Own, Mothers, California Scents, Snow Foam and many more to get just the right combination to properly look after your ride.

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