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Automotive Superstore™ is a group of Australian automotive enthusiasts with more than 50 years combined experience in supplying retail products.

With our extensive understanding of the automotive parts industry we are very aware that visiting a retail store can be intimidating for some customers particularly when they don’t have a lot of knowledge about vehicles and parts. They have to contend with the well meaning but misinformed sales person who recommends the wrong product (you don’t find out until too late when trying to install it on your vehicle!) or the lack of customer service which leads to having to make your own product selections and "hoping for the best”. Plus there is the inflated pricing, having to re-schedule your day to visit when the store is open and the hassle of finding a car park.

This is why we created the Automotive Superstore™ - an online store open 24 hours a day which offers the best products available on the market. 

We have provided vehicle owners with the most professional, convenient and affordable automotive parts store in Australia. There is no pressure…no sales person....

Customers can take their time to check product details. The convenient Parts Finder™ quickly locates products specific to each vehicle.

Not only does Automotive Superstore™ make it so much easier to find the right product, we are willing to bargain with our customers. The “sticker price” is not necessarily the purchase price on selected products. If a customer wants to negotiate a cheaper price they can use our exclusive Make An Offer™ service.

We delivery anywhere in Australia and if a customer is unhappy with their purchase (that is, the product is defective) they receive a 100% refund when they return the product.

Automotive Superstore™ is a completely new way to take care of your vehicle.

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