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About Performance

Remember when you thought your car was really fast, and it was such a thrill to drive? You could feel the power and listen to the volume of your machine as you sped along the road.

But now you’re just used to how your vehicle performs, that power and volume, so it doesn’t thrill you any more. Driving is no longer an exciting past-time when your ride becomes monotonous. The sound and the feeling of your car has stopped being an exhilarating experience.

We’ve been there. When driving your car loses its excitement, it can be frustrating.

Unfortunately, that feeling never really goes away. That desire for better performance is a feeling that any vehicle enthusiast or DIY mechanic can relate to. As great as it can be to customize your ride with accessories, nothing compares to a better performing vehicle. Your quest for ever-increasing performance doesn’t have to be alone. At Automotive Superstore, we carry a wide range of performance gear that will help you “feed the beast” in your upgrade projects.

Browse our selection of performance products and bring the excitement back to driving your car.

Our Range of Performance Products

Maximize your cooling efficiency by up to 30%, boost your engine functions, and most importantly, protect your car from overheating with the upgrade radiators we carry.

Pump up the volume of your exhaust and provide more horsepower and torque by putting in some work on your exhaust system. We also carry turbo parts like hood scoop splitters and oil feed filters.

Upgrade your ride with the handy kits we keep in stock, that have everything you need to complete a project. We carry a Boost kit that includes your choice of boost tees or dual stage boost controllers, and your choice of gauge PSI or BAR readings, mounting cups and vacuum hose. We have a Boost Reference Adapters kit that will allow access to a reliable boost reference without compromising the car’s standard sensors and control systems. We carry a Oil Pressure Regulator kit, which is a regulation system for your ball bearing turbocharger; it ensures the oil pressure going to the turbocharger never exceeds the maximum pressure that turbocharger manufacturers specify for oil supply regardless of engine oil pressure. Last but not least, we have a Fuel kit that comes with fuel pressure gauges, fuel filter, and fuel filter bracket.

If you prefer to hand pick all of your project pieces yourself, we have everything you could wish for to complete your performance upgrade projects. At Automotive Superstore, we have all of the clamps, couplers, gauges, wastegate parts, intercoolers, hoses, electronics, coolers, fuel systems and filters, and boost controller accessories you could need, to name just a few of the categories of performance products we stock. However you want to increase the performance of your vehicle, we can help.

Whether you’re looking for a more efficient air intake, a blow-off valve, or a boost controller, you’ll find it all at Automotive Superstore. If we don’t carry it, it’s not worth having; all of our gear is specially chosen from the performance names you know and trust: Aeroflow, Autotecnica, Dr Air, Drive, Drivetech 4x4, Process West, K+N, Turbosmart, Matrix, Mishimoto, Plazaman, GoFastBits, SAAS, V8 Wheels, and Venom.

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