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About Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is basically a hydraulic oil used to assist a steering system to function, working under pressure from either a mechanical or electrical pump. Being under pressure and operating at elevated temperatures over time results in the power steering fluid losing some ability to function incrementally - at first you might hear the odd squeal from the steering rack at full-lock of the steering wheel, then comes the more troublesome ever-increasing grinding noises which could mean the rack or pump is being damaged by degraded power steering fluid, both expensive items to replace!

Thankfully, when replaced at regular intervals recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer, or more frequently if you are a heavy user of power steering, fresh power steering fluid can alleviate many more serious power steering issues and contribute to keeping your car, SUV, 4WD, ute, van or truck operating smoothly and reliably.

Our Range of Power Steering Fluids

Nobody knows power steering fluid quite like the experts at Castrol and Valvoline, that's why Automotive Superstore stocks their products! Available in a range of sizes from 350ml to 1 litre and even bulk packs of 500ml containers, let the experts at Automotive Superstore help you choose the right power steering fluid for your specific application and rest easy.

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