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About Electrical

Can you think of anything worse than an electrical issue to ruin your day?

Doing a simple bulb replacement, or interested in adding some new and exciting electrical accessories? We’ve got everything you need to get the job done properly, and have your vehicle looking good and working great.

The electrical on your car can be about function or about beauty - or both. Sometimes you just need to fix wiring, or replace your battery; in these situations, your electrical needs are all about fixing or improving the function of your vehicle. Something is broken, wearing down, or not working as well as it could, and it needs to be replaced or repaired. We know that when this happens, you need quality parts that will keep your vehicle running in optimum condition. That’s why we only stock parts from the name brands we trust.

Then there are other times when everything is working great, but you want to change the colour of your pilot lamp, or give your car a facelift with different headlights. For jobs like this, you already know your car functions properly, but you want to personalize the look and feel of your car with a custom electrical job. Make your car unique to you by altering or adding some electrical parts or accessories that will give your vehicle that “something extra”. A large variety of the parts in our electrical section above come in different styles and colours, so that you can find the one that suits you and your vehicle best.

DIY mechanics, hobbyists, and all types of car enthusiasts can find the electrical parts to complete their fixes and improvement projects in our electrical section.

Whether you’re doing a repair of your electrical system or an upgrading of your headlights, we can help. At Automotive Superstore, we have thousands of electrical parts, accessories, and equipment for you to choose from.

Our Range of Products for Electrical

Whatever your electrical needs, we have everything you might need to use to get your repairs and upgrades finished to keep your vehicle looking amazing and working great.

Interested in replacing light bulbs? We carry license plate lamps, interior lights, brake lights, tail lights, headlamp conversion kits, light housings, and even black headlights.

Grab one of our compact, portable jump starter kits, complete with a 12V 3Ah Lithium Cobalt battery, premium jump start protection cables with colour status LEDs, fully insulated battery clamps, an AC charger and 12V charger, and a LED torch with emergency beacon strobe and SOS flashing patterns. It holds its charge for 1 year, and fits in a protective rubber case; it can even charge your smartphone, tablet, camera, or other digital device via USB port.

Swap out your courtesy lights for some cool new colours on your steps, storage areas, or interior or exterior areas. We carry a range of round LED courtesy lamps from Hella that come in a variety of colours so that your vehicle can always look its best. They are shockproof, UV resistant, and fully-sealed against dust and moisture. Each light comes with both a black and a white rim for further customization. The optic appears clear until it is illuminated; you can choose from red, deep red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, white, and warm white, so feel free to personalize your lighting to your heart’s desire.

All of our electrical products are from the brands you can trust to provide quality equipment; we carry Optima, Projecta, Hella, Narva, Philips, and Bosch to name just a few.

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