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About Brake Drums

Drum brakes as a complete or partial braking system are not incredibly common in new vehicles these days but millions of vehicles around the world still exist which use them. They work by having a rotating drum-shaped assembly to which brake shoes are pressed against their inside surface to slow them down. Although often found on the rear of older vehicles as rear braking systems, they are also found as dedicated parking brakes on some vehicles and, as part of the rear disc rotor of a car with rear disc brakes, a drum-style handbrake system.

Our Range of Brake Drums

Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) not only make disc brake components as their name implies, they also manufacture a range of brake drums and rear disc rotors with inbuilt drums for handbrake functionality. For those with a penchant for off-road use and vehicles, the Australian-based distributor of a wide range of 4WD products, Drivetech 4x4, also offer quality brake drum and parking brake drum solutions right here at Automotive Superstore!

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