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About Air Filters

As anyone who has spent time in a dusty environment knows, when your ability to breathe is hampered by contaminants in the air you long for a way to filter out the harmful substances and restore your health - and the engine in your car, SUV, 4WD, ute, van or truck is no different. Clogged air filters hamper engine performance by limiting engine breathing and can increase fuel economy by having to drive the vehicle harder to compensate for the blocked filter limiting performance.

Air filters come in two main types - via specific filter paper in drop-in cartridge form or a sponge-type foam setup, both coming in either a flat panel arrangement or a cone or cylindrical form. For paper filters, they rely on multiple sheets of perforated filter paper being folded in a bellows-type layout which the air has to pass through, thereby trapping debris along the way. Sponge-type foam filters usually rely on a sticky oil that impregnates the foam filtration medium which the air being filtered has to travel through with the oil trapping contaminants and leaving them in the sponge-like medium.

For more popular vehicles, aftermarket air filter solutions are available that either offer superior filtration, larger surface area for better flow, or the ability to be cleaned and reused - or a combination of all three. Don't be tempted to run without an air filter, by the way, you don't want to see what happens to an engine that inhales something harmful such as sand or an errant nut or bolt from the engine bay...!

Our Range of Air Filters

Automotive Superstore works with premium partners such as international powerhouses Bosch and Mann (part of the Mann+Hummel group) along with Australian-based counterparts Ryco and Wesfil to bring forth a range of high-quality air filters that is comprehensive to say the least, capable of supplying all your air filter replacement needs for your car, SUV, 4WD, ute, van or truck.

In addition to our range of high-quality factory-replacement air filters, Automotive Superstore is proud to bring the range of both factory-replacement and aftermarket filters made by the renowned specialists at K&N filters. Alternative solutions are also available from Aeroflow and Autotecnica with air filters of all shapes and sizes available, from flat panel or round elements to pod filters and breathers.

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