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    Cooling & Heating Cooling & Heating Engine Bypass Hose, Fan Clutch, Heater Hoses, Heater Valves, Cooling Hoses, Radiators, Radiator Expansion Tanks, Radiator Hoses, Thermostat Parts, Water Pumps,
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    Engine Parts Engine Parts Carburettor Parts, Distributor Parts, Engine Cables, Engine Mounts, Exhaust Mounts, Harmonic Balancers, Idle Air Control Valve, Intake Hoses, Oil Seals & Plugs, PCV Valves / Hoses, Starter Motors, Throttle Body, Turbocharger Hoses, Universal Hoses, Valves,
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    Clutch Clutch Clutches Kits, Clutch Discs, Clutch Pressure Plate, Clutch Release Bearing, Clutch Cylinder Repair Kits, Master / Slave Cylinder, Gearbox, Flywheel,
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    Electrical Parts Electrical Parts Alternators, Alternator Parts, Ignition Coils & Modules, Ignition Condensers, Ignition Parts, Sender Units, Solenoids,
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    Fuel Systems Fuel Systems Accumulators, Fuel Hoses, Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Pressure Regulators, Fuel Sender, Misc Fuel Parts,
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    Caps Caps Fuel Cap, Oil Cap, Radiator Caps, Clamps,
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    Drivetrain Drivetrain Bearings & Hubs, Differential Bushes, Drive Shafts, Transfer Case Overhaul Kits, Gearbox Hub Selector, Synchro Rings, Crown Wheel & Pinions,
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    Sensors Sensors Air Flow Meters, Camshaft & Crank Sensors, Coolant Sensors, Diesel Water Sensors, Knock Sensors, MAP Sensors, Oxygen Lambda Sensors, Fuel Pressure Sensors, Speed Sensors, Throttle Position Sensors, Wheel Speed Sensors,
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    Gaskets Gaskets Exhaust Flange Gaskets, Gasket Sheets, Manifold Gaskets, Oil Pan Gaskets, Thermostat Gaskets, Valve Cover Gaskets, Misc Gaskets,
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    Belts & Timing Belts & Timing Belts, Belt & Tensioner Kit, Tensioners, Timing Belt Kits, Pulleys,
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    Temperature Sensors Temperature Sensors Air Temp Sensors, Exhaust Temp Sensor, Thermometers, Water Temp Sender,
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    Body Parts Body Parts Corner Lamps, Fog Lights (oem), Front Bar Lights, Headlights, Indicators, Rear Bar Lights, Tail Lights,
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About Car Parts

Cars are made up of thousands of parts, both large and small, working together to keep you going wherever you desire to go. When they’re functioning as they should, you can head to work, to the store, or to an unexplored road just to see where it takes you.

Unfortunately, some of the parts eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Until those repairs are done, the open road will have to wait.

That’s where we come in! With unparalleled access to the world’s best manufacturers of OEM-quality new parts, Automotive Superstore can help you source any replacement part or parts that you need to do repairs and get you and your car back on the road. We know how frustrating it can be when you’re unable to get behind the wheel and head off to wherever you need to go. That’s why we carry such a huge array of parts; we don’t want you to be stuck searching for just the right piece, we want you to be able to get your vehicle working and back on the road as soon as possible.

Regardless of whether it’s related to your engine, driveline, electrical system, steering, suspension, or brakes, Automotive Superstore can help you with quality replacement car parts that work well and last long. Just check out our plethora of partner brands: 3M, Gates, SuperPro, TurboSmart, Exedy, Bendix, GFB, ProTorque, Ryco, Fuelmiser, Drivetech 4x4, NGK, Kelpro, Plazmaman, Motorkool, Castrol, K+N, Mobil, Ferodo, Autotecnica, AFI, Dayco, and Bosch, to name only some. We only carry products with a proven track record of reliability from the brands that we trust, so you can rely on these parts to keep your car going.

Our Range Of Parts

Replacing a part related to cooling and heating? How about your clutch, or your belts and timing? We have everything you could possibly need to repair your car, no matter what it is you are driving.

If your BMW needs a new water pump, we carry the Tru-Flow water pump which comes with a 2 year / 40,000 km warranty. They are manufactured using the highest quality, heavy duty bearings and seals for stronger resistance to corrosion and harsh Australian climate conditions.

Need a new clutch kit for your Porsche 911? We have in stock the Exedy clutch kit OEM replacement. These standard OEM replacement kits include the highest quality cover assemblies clutch discs and release bearings, packaged in the distinctive Exedy silver and blue kit box. They have advanced dampening mechanisms, premium-quality friction facings, and high quality cover assemblies.

Just looking for a v-belt? We carry Gates Micro-V belts, which are an ideal replacement for original belts on serpentine drives and other multi-ribbed belt applications. They are not vehicle-specific. The advanced belt construction helps to eliminate belt noise, reduce tension loss, and solve problem drive applications. The special tensile members and fibre-loaded reinforcement of ribs used in Gates micro-v belts aids in added wear and crack resistance; more specifically, they are specially constructed to resist wear and cracked. These belts are the quietest belt in the aftermarket, with superior temperature resistance, longer life, and superior grip.

Whatever vehicle you own, and whatever part you are searching for, we can help you find exactly what you need to get your parts replaced, your repairs done, and you back behind the wheel on the open road.

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