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About Steering and Suspension

Trying to refresh an older car with an up-to-date suspension or better steering?

Looking to modify your car for better handling or a different stance?

Need a few new parts to help your vehicle pass inspection?

Experience the epitome of driving comfort, or take those corners tighter. There are so many ways you can alter your steering and suspension to create the perfect driving experience for you, however you like to drive your car.

Luckily, Automotive Superstore has all of the kits and parts you need to make those alterations. We have just about every kind of suspension and suspension bushes parts, steering parts, sway bars and control arms, and strut mounts and braces that you could want for your vehicle.

Whether you are a daily commuter looking to smooth out your drive, or you are a performance driver looking to take those corners a little tighter, we have all of the steering and suspension parts - big, small, and even full kits - that you might need to improve your ride.

Our Range of Products for Steering and Suspension

Find the Whiteline Sway Bar vehicle kit that is compatible with your car to achieve perfect balance and precise tuning. This packaged solution is designed to improve performance and enhance the driving experience of your vehicle; it has been engineered to activate more grip. It comes with an adjustable front sway bar and adjustable rear sway bar, as well as high quality sway bar links and mounting accessories that ensure optimum performance and ease of installation.

If you’re experiencing a bumpy ride, body sway when cornering, or vibrations after hitting a bump, it might be time to replace your struts. Don’t forget a strut mounting kit from Monroe, designed to provide optimal fit and performance with struts, strut mounts, or bearing plates. This integral component, working together with the strut, helps isolate road vibrations and assists in smooth steering. Worn strut mounts are usually indicated by unusual rumbling or grinding noises, increased vibration, and pulling or binding in the steering. Replace your strut mount with each strut replacement and your ride will be much smoother.

Have a look at our coilover kits from Bilstein, a brand who aims to achieve the ultimate in driving enjoyment. We’d sure like to enjoy our drives more, how about you? These coilover kits have a range of 10 settings for parallel damping adjustment, so you can find your perfect setting, from extreme sportiness to the highest level of driving comfort. These coilovers are made from a special aluminum alloy and surface coated for long-lasting corrosion resistance.

Alter your car’s stance and get better grip when taking corners with our camber adjustment kits. Incorrect camber can actually increase the wear on your tires anywhere from 20 to 50%, as well as seriously compromising both the car’s performance as well as safety. If your car is lowered or you are using oversized wheels, check out our camber adjustment kits and find the one that best suits your car.

We only carry long-lasting, high-quality products that we would use on our own cars or recommend to our friends, from the brands we trust: Bilstein, Drivetech 4x4, K-Shock, K-sport, Luk, Nolathane, Whiteline, Sachs, Monroe, King Springs, SuperPro, KYB, Protex, Mishimoto, Mackay Rubbe and Kelpro.

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