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Vehicle enthusiasts may not be born in cars, but they sure are brought up in them. Why not start off your child’s journey the right way? Maxi-Cosi car seats ensure safety and protect your children against any unpleasant event that may occur on the road.

Their main motto has been: safe, smart & caring. They’re made with environment and comfort in mind, and they’re easy and practical to install and use in your everyday life. If your family is dynamic and flexible, Maxi-Cosi is the child car seat you need.

Why Buy Maxi-Cosi

Since Maxi-Cosi pays special attention to the safety of your child during car rides, they use Isofix technology. Isofix child car seats rely on the child seat being plugged into certain points in the car, instead of needing to be secured with car’s seat belts. Additionally, there’s a top tether preventing the child car seat from moving.

In case your child needs a car booster seat, Maxi-Cosi offers fully-harnessed boosters. Air Protect Superior Side Impact Technology is constantly integrated with the child car seats Maxi-Cosi produces, so you can be sure that your child will be safe, as this technology reduces head impact by over 35%.

When it comes to keeping your child comfortable, Maxi-Cosi also uses bamboo fabric to keep your children dry, and their child car seats typically have more adjustments than the standard ones. For example, Maxi Cosi Luna Harnessed Booster Car Seat will fit children from 6 months to 8 years, and it has both buckle and crotch adjustments.

Maxi-Cosi’s comfort technology also raises the standards (multiple reclining positions), but the real winner of their offer is that the seats are easy to wash. Forget about struggling with placing your child in the car seat (and installing it in the first place). Maxi-Cosi is safe, smart and comfortable.

Both for you and your child.

Maxi-Cosi’s Product Range

While Maxi-Cosi has a diverse product range, they focus on quality with all of the child car seats they produce. They offer everything from toddler to child car seats, as well as accessories such as back seat car mirror to keep an eye on the kiddos as you navigate bustling city streets.

Maxi-Cosi is a great choice for any modern family, and their high quality standards will make sure that you’re getting both safety and comfort during each ride. To find the right child car seat for you, contact our Automotive Superstore crew or use the search bar to browse by vehicle type.

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