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About Aeroflow

Aeroflow produces an extremely extensive range of performance plumbing and filtration products for just about anything with an engine and the spirit to go fast. Whether you’re running a drag racer, hot rod, sport compact, motorcycle, or boat, the Aeroflow range has the ability to increase your engine’s performance and power. Help your engine breathe easier and supply it with perfectly-filtered fuel and oil thanks to Aeroflow’s variety of high performance parts.

Headquartered in Huntingwood, New South Wales, Aeroflow prides itself on being “one of the leading international manufacturers of high performance automotive plumbing and performance parts.” The company’s goal is to exceed their customers’ highest standards for quality and performance which is achieved through innovative design and exhaustive testing. Everything in the Aeroflow product range is designed and tested in Australia before being manufactured to the very highest quality standards to provide power and efficiency gains over comparable OEM parts.

Why Buy Aeroflow

Aeroflow got started in the filter business at the racetracks of Australia and the focus on high performance has remained ever since. The company’s filters utilise the newest technologies in air filter design and manufacturing to give them exceptional performance and durability on the street and track. After all, if a filter is good enough to be used in the ultra-competitive world of motorsport it will have no trouble at all with the requirements of an everyday road car.

Aeroflow’s filters are made from high quality cotton and come pre-oiled to retain dust brought in with intake air and prevent it from getting into your engine. The filters are fully washable and reusable for a long service life and excellent value for money. An Aeroflow filter may be the last air filter you ever have to buy!

The Aeroflow Range

While Aeroflow are rightly famous for the quality and design of their air filters their range goes much deeper than simple aspiration. The company also manufactures and sells fuel systems, forced induction and nitrous system plumbing and accessories, performance parts for LS engines, hoses, tubing, exhaust components, oil systems, driveline parts, and tanks. When it’s time to rein in all that newfound power Aeroflow has you covered with their range of brake hoses and fittings as well as a variety of racing and safety accessories. If you’re ready to begin improving your pride and joy you can use the parts finder above to find the right Aeroflow product for you or contact us and let one of the Automotive Superstore product specialists help you today!

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