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About Battery Link

Battery Link got its start in the 1970s and is a sub-brand of the Aussie juggernaut Haigh Parts. The company makes and sells a huge range of battery related electrical accessories such as horns, cables, and battery chargers. Battery Link has wisely used Haigh’s research and development dollars to become one of the leading battery accessory producers in Australia, creating products packed with clever features like the microprocessor technology found in its Pro Series battery chargers. Battery Link products are found in commercial and private cars, trucks, and SUVs as well as a wide range of construction and marine applications proving their value over and over on Australia’s roads, waterways, and job sites.

Why Buy Battery Link

Battery Link products are engineered to look after your battery and keep it in service for as long as possible. For example, the company’s Pro Series of battery chargers constantly monitor your battery’s current and voltage, adjusting the charge rate to ensure a smooth charge free from damaging dips and surges. From start to finish the entire process is carefully controlled and monitored. The whole series of chargers will work with any kind of battery in any vehicle, demonstrating the versatility and intelligent engineering that goes into all of Battery Link’s products.

The Battery Link Range

Battery Link sells just about everything that you could need to compliment your vehicle’s battery. From simple equipment like mounting brackets, straps, and plug covers to quality electrical products such as chargers, power inverters, multimeters, and wiring, Battery Link’s got what your battery needs. They also produce everyday essentials like jumper cables and maintenance products in their range of terminal cleaning gear. Battery Link even makes a solar-powered battery charger for situations where plugging into the mains just isn’t an option. Use the parts finder above to find the right Battery Link product for you or contact us and let one of the Automotive Superstore product specialists help you today!

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