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Bendix (Brake Pads)

From their manufacturing plant in Ballarat, Victoria, Bendix produce top-quality braking system components with an unparalleled reputation for quality and performance. With a rich history of technical innovation and a commitment to quality that dates back over six decades, Bendix excels in providing a wide range of friction material solutions for any automotive, transport and even industrial application and their products are used as original equipment (OE) by vehicle manufacturers in addition to being exported to countries around the world.

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Why Buy Bendix?

Bendix have developed a strong technical background in the testing and advancement of ceramic friction surface compounds - aided by working closely with technical partners such as those in the aerospace industry - and it shows in their range of products, with a solution available to suit a wide variety of applications. No matter what you drive or how you drive it, Bendix have a brake pad to suit you.

Finding the right Bendix product for your application couldn't be easier - with our complete access to the comprehensive Bendix database, all you have to do is search for your car on the Part Finder function right here on the Automotive Superstore website and all applicable Bendix products will appear before you!

General CT

The General CT range of Bendix brake pads are ideal for passenger cars and offer an extra edge in terms of quality over other replacement pads. For normal suburban, city or highway use, General CT brake pads keep noise and brake dust down to a minimum and, by equipping the ceramic pad compounds with a unique diamond shape, Bendix have worked hard to ensure annoying vibrations are all but eliminated.

Heavy Duty

For the type of heavy-duty applications experienced by tradies' vehicles - such as vans and utes etc. - Bendix's Heavy Duty brake pads are the ideal choice whether you're carrying heavy loads and/or towing trailers and equipment. By using a specific ceramic compound pad material developed to provide improved fade resistance and longer life for both pads and rotors, Bendix Heavy Duty brake pads ensure consistent braking performance and are available to suit all makes and models of vans and utes.


Whether your 4WD or SUV rarely strays from suburban streets or regularly heads off-road, the Bendix range of 4WD/SUV brake pads have what it takes to stop your vehicle time after time without fuss. Bendix 4WD/SUV pads use a dedicated Epoxy-modified Phenolic Resin (EPR) ingredient for superior pad strength, therefore ensuring consistent and confidence-inspiring stopping power under all possible conditions.


European cars from manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Bentley - to name just a few - have strict requirements when it comes to their brake pads and the replacements thereof. Luckily, the range of Bendix Euro+ brake pads have been tested to comply with 'ECE regulation 90' and come with all the clips, shims and sensors necessary for a hassle-free replacement of brake pads to suit a wide variety of European vehicles.


Performance street cars require performance pads - it's that simple. Bendix Ultimate brake pads have been developed to provide both significant fade resistance and shorter stopping distances for longer, and have proven extremely popular with drivers of high-performance cars. If you drive a fast street car as its maker intended, you need a brake pad with commensurate performance!


The range of Bendix Street-Road-Track brake pads are geared towards drivers of ultra-high-performance vehicles who drive their cars not only on the street, but also head to the track to get their high speed thrills. A step above the Bendix Ultimate range of brake pads in terms of fade-resistance - yet also potentially noisier and dustier in certain circumstances - the Street-Road-Track pads have been extensively tested to provide staggering performance whether you're trundling about the 'burbs and need to stop quickly in traffic whilst still being able to provide consistent braking power lap after lap at the track.

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