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Bosch is based in Gelingen near Stuttgart and is the world’s single largest supplier of automotive components. The company was founded by Robert Bosch on the 15th of November 1886 and now employs over 400,000 people around the world. The company makes a huge range of products for the automotive world as an original equipment supplier and an aftermarket manufacturer as well.

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Bosch’s automotive offerings include braking systems, control switches and electronics, fuel systems, starter motors and steering systems. On top of all this they also manufacture household appliances and tools. Some of the company’s achievements include conceiving world’s first low-voltage magneto for gasoline engines as well as the invention of oxygen sensors, traction control, xenon lights, and direct fuel injection.

Why Buy Bosch

Bosch is the largest supplier of automotive parts on the planet and that simply doesn’t happen without producing high-quality merchandise. The company has a long history of innovation in the name of progress and making the world’s cars safer, more efficient, and better all around. In addition to inventions like direct fuel injection Bosch has become a world leader in safety systems like traction control and electronic stability programs. The company is always innovating and looking for the next development and the long list of global car brands that use Bosch products in their vehicles is a testament to this. Bosch inventions like traction control and direct fuel injection have become the standard the world over.

The Bosch Range

Bosch’s extensive product range touches on most of the areas within the automotive market. From wiper blades to fuel systems to brakes to electrical components, Bosch makes it and makes it well.

If you need any part at all for your car or truck you should definitely see if Bosch supplies what you need. It’s likely that they do. Use the parts finder above to find the right Bosch product for you or contact us and let one of the Automotive Superstore product specialists help you today!

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