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About Bowden’s Own

Bowden’s Own is a brand of Australian car care products that are designed to be used with the most valued of automobiles. Much like Formula 1 technology trickles down into road cars, the quality ingredients that make Bowden’s Own products shine comes from the detailing needs of the Bowden family’s stunning collection of historic Australian racing cars. Bowden’s Own proudly markets their wares as “quality boutique products for the very fussiest motoring enthusiasts.”

Company founder David Bowden owned his first car (a 1934 Ford) at the tender age of 12 years old. He grew up obsessed with cars and was heavily involved in the Australian motor racing scene during the 1960s. Using the friendships he had fostered at racetracks around Australia David began buying old and unloved but not insignificant racing cars and restoring them as a hobby. Today the Bowden family’s Sunshine Coast properly houses more than 70 historic racing cars of staggering beauty and significance to Australian motorsport. Bowden’s Own car care products are used on every single one.

The family’s car care product business grew out of David’s obsession with preserving his family’s collection. He noticed some issues arising from his use of high-end European and American waxes and commissioned a chemist to examine them. The analysis revealed that they were using cheap ingredients that would actually damage the cars over time. Four Bowden’s Own products were developed in 2000 and were officially launched for sale by 2007 with everything being handmade and bottled in the family’s Buderim shed.

Why Buy Bowdens

The company jokingly states that all their products are “tested on animals” by which they mean the numerous Mustangs, Cobras, and Falcons contained in the family collection. The products are also used on the family’s Porsche 911 TR, Super Falcon, GTS Monaro, Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, Z28 Camaro, BMW M1 Procar, RX-7, RS Sierras and BMW M3 Evo III. With a list of legends like that being cared for with Bowden’s Own washes and waxes the products’ quality speaks for itself. The company’s products are safe for every type of paint and finish from unrestored single-stage historic paint right up to the latest clear coat finishes.

Bowden’s Own does nothing before they’re sure their product is perfect. Their Wheely Clean Tyre Sheen, for example, was in development for more than 7 years before finally being perfected and put on sale. The company has a strong belief in the quality of Australian manufacturing. Every single aspect of the Bowden’s Own business from the chemists they hire to the ingredients they source to the boxes that they use and even website hosting services are all Australian producing a world-class product while reinvesting in Australia.

The Bowdens Range

From an initial offering of just four products the Bowden’s Own range has grown to include more than 70 top-quality waxes, washes, and other car care products. The company can supply you with a product to clean and protect every inch of the interior and exterior of your car as well as useful equipment like microfibre cloths and detailing tools. Bowden’s Own also produces full car care kits so that you can get absolutely everything you need in one go. Use the parts finder above to find the right Bowdens product for you or contact us and let one of the Automotive Superstore product specialists help you today!

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