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With the rise of technology’s popularity, it’s not surprising that the internet of things caught us in our cars, as well. Dashboard cameras started gaining popularity in Russia and the UK, although their use is heavily regulated by law. Dashmate is a popular choice on the market when it comes to dashboard cameras, no matter what purpose you want to use them for.

Dashmate is proud of their technology, which allows for maximum safety. You can rely on their dash cams to be your trustworthy companion in numerous situations.

Why Buy Dashmate

Dashmate produced Australia’s first 3G-connected dashboard camera, and they’ve been setting high standards ever since. Their technology is lightweight, and the cameras are ready to be used as soon as you install them in your car.

Their dashboard cameras offer peace of mind by recording your daily drives, and they feature high quality chips and CMOS sensors. You can connect your Dashmate camera to your smartphone and review recordings with GPS tracking data.

Dashmate’s dashboard cameras are especially useful due to features such as motion detection (no filming unless you’re driving your car), auto recording, loop recording (filming over old footage so you don’t run out of space), 2MP photo mode, dual channel recording (front and back cameras), and G sensor (Dashmate saves footage when an impact is detected).

The G sensor is especially useful when you’ve parked your car and someone hits it on their way out. In this case, Dashmate’s camera automatically switches on and records the car which damaged yours.

Their cameras also offer a variety of other features, all so you could feel safe as you drive towards work, restaurant, or to pick up your kid from school. They’re discreet and have high-quality components, so they’re the best choice if you want to get a dashboard camera.

Dashmate’s Product Range

Dashmate offers 8 different dashboard cameras, depending on your needs.

Dashmate DSH-932 is Australia’s first 3G-connected dashboard camera and still has the reputation of the first and best. It’s a high-resolution front-facing camera that monitors your vehicle 24/7. In case of any event, you’ll receive an instant notification on your phone.

However, the real technological revolution is Dashmate DSH-882, which has both front and rear recording, so Dashmate quite literally has your back.

This is exactly what makes them the perfect road safety partner, so if you’re looking for the perfect Dashmate product, get in touch with our Automotive Superstore crew or use the search bar to browse by vehicle type.

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