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About Fuelmiser

Fuelmiser is an aftermarket engine management and fuel system supplier with a titanic range of products on offer. If your vehicle burns gasoline, diesel, or just about anything else, Fuelmiser has parts that you can use. Fuelmiser’s parent company, Motospecs, supplies just about everything you could ever need to make a car run, drive, handle, and stop. Fuelmiser provides the engine and fuel system management string to Motospecs’ bow.

Why Buy Fuelmiser

As stated above, Fuelmiser’s range of products is simply so massive that they have parts that work with your vehicle no matter what its make or model is and where in the world it came from. With Motospecs’ buying power behind them, Fuelmiser’s prices are always competitive and their products ship quickly. Fuelmiser sources everything they sell from the finest OEM manufacturers around the world and every one of their 4000+ products comes backed by a 2 year/40,000 km warranty.

The Fuelmiser Range

The Fuelmiser range is huge; perhaps the largest in the world for engine management and fuel system equipment. All bases are covered from ignition coils to injector nozzles to valves, fuel pumps, and air flow, speed, ABS, and knock sensors. The list goes on and on (and on!). Rather than us giving you a big long list of the products that Fuelmiser supplies you can use the parts finder above to search for whatever you need for your car’s engine or fuel system. If the sheer volume of products they sell is a little overwhelming you can always contact us and let one of the Automotive Superstore product specialists help you today!

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