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Our cars are in the perpetual state of our Monday mornings: they need more energy. And where we get coffee, our vehicles get help from alternators and starter motors. Jaylec is one of the best manufacturers of automotive electrical parts, and their quality has been tried and tested.

Additionally, Jaylec is also a part of CoolDrive and as such, has 40 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket. The family Blanchard, the founders of CoolDrive and its Jaylec brand, have been in the industry since 1918, ensuring that products come not only from a place of innovation – but from the place of tradition, as well.

Why Buy Jaylec

There’s no driving without electric power. Jaylec’s alternators charge your car’s battery and give additional power to your electrical systems, making sure that your car is starting as it should be – and running even better.

Similarly, Jaylec’s starter motors make sure that your engine is getting as much coffee as you’re getting on a Monday morning. Starter motors will turn over an internal combustion engine until the process of combustion itself takes over. This is done through starter motor’s shaft, which contains a gear wheel. The gear wheel will engage with a large gear ring around the rim of the engine’s flywheel.

This ensures that your car is starting as it should be. This is the most crucial part of driving, which is exactly why it’s good to choose a brand like Jaylec.

After all, your car relies on its alternator and starter motor. You should, too.

In case of bad starter motors, you can experience arcing and burning or failure to start. Additionally, having an alternator with diodes can result in your battery draining much faster, and your car failing to start.

These are the most sensitive parts of your car, so it pays to choose providers with tradition and high-quality products like Jaylec.

Jaylec’s Product Range

Jaylec offers a variety of products, although they specialize in auto electrical products like starter motors and alternators.

They also offer starter motors and alternators for personal cars, trucks, and much more. Their products were made to last, so you can be safe knowing that you’ve got a Jaylec electrical product under your hood.

You can find Jaylec products in our Automotive Superstore shop, and consult our crew on the best products for your car type and engine.

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