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Our vehicles endure a lot, and yet, they always help us safely reach our destinations. That’s why Mackay Rubber, an Australian automotive company, is the perfect choice for your vehicle.

Mackay Rubber was founded in 1932 as suppliers of automotive parts in Australia. However, they quickly gained popularity due to their excellent quality standards. Today, Mackay Rubber is known for being a manufacturer and distributor of various rubber products. In addition to the automotive industry, they also service defense, transport, rail, marine, mining and other industries. Mackay Rubber are the automotive industry’s top choice for rubber components, and they can become yours, as well.

Why Buy Mackay Rubber

Every time you drive across uneven road, your car is absorbing shock. And unless your vibration isolators and shock absorbers are good, you’re absorbing it, too. Since we all want to feel comfortable when driving and being driven, it’s necessary to choose the right rubber products for our vehicles.

Mackay Rubber also produce excellent spring bushes, which cushion movement between different suspended car parts. In return, your ride is smooth and safe. However, you need to replace the parts periodically, especially if they’re poor quality. Mackay Rubber parts last longer, meaning that you won’t experience uncomfortable sensations or sounds.

Another vital part of your car’s mechanism are heater hoses. Every time your car is turned on, it produces heat. You can get antifreeze for that, but your engine’s cooling system needs help. This is where heater hoses come into play. They transfer excess heat away from the engine. And if it’s cold, heater hoses direct that warmth right where you need it: in the cabin.

Finally, as the industry leader in rubber vehicle products, Mackay Rubber also offers replacement pads. Wear and tear is unavoidable, but having a reliable manufacturer helps. Mackay Rubber has been a household name in Australian automotive manufacturing for over 85 years for a reason, and they’re trusted by GM Holden, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi among the more popular Automotive OEM names.

Mackay Rubber’s Product Range

Mackay Rubber’s range of automotive products includes everything from ball joins and coolant hoses, to engine mounts and drive shaft couplings. They’ve become experts at what they do, which makes them the perfect choice for a great part your car needs. To find the right product for you, contact our Automotive Superstore crew or use the search bar to browse by vehicle type.

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