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Monroe have been at the forefront of automotive suspension componentry development since cars themselves were new inventions. Now part of the Tenneco Group of Companies - also known in Australia for the Lukey and Walker brands of exhaust systems manufacturing - Monroe have a long, rich history in the design, production and, indeed, advancement of automotive suspension parts dating all the way back to 1919!

From shock-absorbers and struts to coil and leaf springs for every automotive application under the sun, Monroe's expertise extends to a variety of performance applications. You can can even find Monroe products in trucks and trains, and their proprietary advanced computer-controlled electronic suspension and passive stability systems only serve to demonstrate their limitless passion for suspension product that provide sure-footed safety, exemplary ride control and ultimate handling capabilities.

Why Buy Monroe

The condition of suspension components correlates directly to the safety, controllability and comfort of the vehicle you are driving. Without all of the suspension components working together to their fullest abilities, the way your vehicle acts according to your inputs as you drive is put at risk. Even leaving aside a car that rides terribly due to worn suspension components, the surefooted predictability of a vehicle is what you need when bad things happen and you need to take evasive action to avoid a collision; a vehicle that isn't stable and controllable under times of extreme pressure is something to avoid at all costs.

As Monroe are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of suspension components for multitudes of vehicles produced both globally and within Australia, it stands to reason to choose Monroe products when replacing or upgrading the suspension components of your car, SUV, 4x4, van, truck or ute - let Monroe's extensive R&D provide you with ultimate peace of mind.

Monroe's Product Lineup

For road-going vehicles, Monroe's extensive product lineup includes their Monroe 'Original'/'OE Spectrum' shock absorbers - identical replacement items to those used by the vehicle manufacturers in the first place who choose Monroe as OE (Original Equipment) suppliers for their quality and performance - along with the Monroe 'GT-Gas' and 'GT-Sport' options. By using their exclusive Reflex Technology, Monroe 'GT-Gas' shock absorbers offer improved vehicle stability and handling without compromising comfort, whilst the Monroe 'GT-Sport' shocks combine with Australia's own King Springs to provide lowered performance shock-absorbers for race-bred suspension systems designed for performance-oriented driving.

4x4 owners are well taken care of with Monroe's extensive lineup including the 'Gas-Magnum' and 'Gas-Magnum TDT' super heavy-duty gas-charged shock-absorbers. Also available in an Extended-Length version for those 4WD owners with raised suspension, Monroe's use of Twin Disc Technology in their lineup of 'Gas-Magnum' heavy-duty shock-absorbers ensures you have the ultimate shocks for your 4x4 or light commercial vehicles for both on and off-road use. If towing is your thing, however, Monroe's 'Gas Riser' shock-absorbers are a heavy-duty system that also offer ride-height adjustment for better control over heavier loads under arduous conditions whilst the Monroe 'Magnum Heavy Duty' components are built even tougher for heavy trucking use across our wide, brown lands.

It's not all shock-absorbers, though, as Monroe also offer replacement gas struts - as found on bonnets, bootlids, hatches and tailgates etc. - along with a massive complement of both replacement and improved 'Strut Mate' suspension strut mounts to ensure a more comprehensive upgrade or refreshing of your suspension system. No matter what your Monroe needs, Automotive Superstore can help you today!

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