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Mothers began their car care story in the 1970s in Huntingdon Beach, California, with a single product. Alloy wheels were the must-have automotive accessory but were susceptible to dulling as they reacted with oxygen over time. Founders Al Holloway and Jack Hampton created their Mag & Aluminium Polish to reverse the dulling effects of time and the elements, naming their new venture Mothers because everybody trusts their mother.

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At first, the Mothers creators were restricted to selling their polish at swap meets around the Southern California area. It may have seemed farfetched that their business would one day become a worldwide enterprise but that’s exactly what happened. After polishing alloy wheels the creators turned their attention to paint, formulating Mothers California Gold Cleaner & Wax. From humble beginnings Mothers now sells a range of 70 products around the world.

Why Buy Mothers

Mothers wax products uses Carnauba wax which is widely regarded as the finest and most effective wax used in automotive care. The wax has a high heat tolerance and its hardness gives it the ability to create a beautiful lustre in car paint. Mothers uses the finest grade of Carnauba wax in all of its California Gold wax products and makes a point of reminding consumers that the harvesting process does not harm the trees from which the wax comes.

Mothers products should definitely be a consideration if you love your vehicle and want to take the best possible care of it. Applying high-quality wax to your car’s bodywork will protect it from oxidisation and the fading effects of time, not to mention making it gleam. Mothers products allow everyday consumers to achieve professional results in their own garages.

The Mothers Range

Mothers produces a wide range of car care products such as their California Gold wax, chrome polish, black trim restorer, leather cream, plastic protector, tire shine, and wheel cleaner. In addition, they also sell useful automotive items like tire pressure gauges, compressors, and a range of washing mitts and polishing attachments for drills. Whichever part of your car needs taking care of it’s likely that Mothers makes what you need. Use the parts finder above to find the right Mothers product for you or contact us and let one of the Automotive Superstore product specialists help you today!

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