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A pioneer in the Australian market, Nolathane introduced polyurethane suspension products in the 80s. Their performance and quality quickly turned them into a household name which is synonymous with taking good care of your vehicle. Even though these bush replacements were originally made to replace brass bushes in more challenging environments, Nolathane has improved their offer to enhance the daily driving experience, and you can benefit from it.

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Friction can be great when it comes to tires, but when it comes to your car’s engine and mechanisms, you want to steer clear of it. And just like you pay attention to your shock absorbers, you should also pay attention to your suspension bushings. Fortunately, Nolathane knows that it’s not always easy, which is why they provide high-quality products.

Why Buy Nolathane

Nolathane is used for suspension servicing and enhancement. Car bushings are the parts of your car that isolate vibration and reduce friction between different metal parts. They can be made out of rubber or, in Nolathane’s case, out of polyurethane which ensures durability and a smooth ride.

Nolathane’s products absorb bumps, control movement in different car joins, and also reduce noise so you don’t have to worry about your car “clanking” as you drive. The movement of your car with their products will be perfectly controlled and safe.

The main difference between Nolathane and rubber bushings is in that rubber bushings are bonded by compression. When you have rubber bushings, your car’s movement is automatically limited, and more prone to failure.

With polyurethane Nolathane bushings, your car is free to move and pivot as you want it to, meaning that your suspension and steering control are increased. In addition to that, you’ll also benefit in less change in suspension geometry when under load or breaking, and you’ll see longer suspension and tire life.

Nolathane’s Product Range

Nolathane are pros at suspension systems, and they offer a variety of products such as: replacement bush kits, stabilizer links, complete control arms, alignment correction components, adjustable panhards, lowering blocks, bulk bushings, and vehicle enhancement kits.

No matter if you’re a vehicle enthusiast or a regular driver who wants to make sure their ride is safe and comfortable, Nolathane can help. To find the perfect Nolathane product for your car, contact our Automotive Superstore crew or use the search bar to browse by vehicle type.

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