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Optima Batteries have been pioneers of automotive battery technology for over four decades - it started in the 1970s with the introduction of a maintenance-free lead acid battery for commercial and military use and soon followed by what has become their specialty, the revolutionary AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) high-performance battery. Ultimately, Optima's technological advancements in battery development have resulted in their unique 'Spiralcell' technology, creating the ultimate power source for all situations that demand a battery you can rely on.

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Why Buy Optima

Optima batteries are the only choice amongst performance enthusiasts who want to add more power reserves to their electrical systems. With their proprietary 'Spiralcell' technology, Optima batteries are greater than 15 times more vibration-resistant and provide up to three times the life of a traditional battery. By constructing the internal battery grids of 99.99% pure lead in a series of individual spiral-wound cells, it's that purity of the lead which provides lower internal resistance for additional cranking power and quicker recharging, along with corrosion resistance for longer life and reduced self-discharge when not being used. As part of the 'Spiralcell' design, Optima's tightly-coiled Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separators between each cylindrical cell hold the electrolyte fluid like a sponge to eliminate acid spilling, meaning each maintenance-free Optima battery is also completely sealed preventing corrosion and acid spills.

Optima's Product Lineup

Available in several different specific sizes and capacities, Optima batteries come in three main models: Red, Yellow, and Blue, identified primarily by the requisite top colour of the battery and then further by whether it has a light or dark gray casing. Red Top batteries - with a red top and dark gray case - are ideal conventional starting batteries for most standard vehicles, heavy industrial equipment or diesel-powered vehicles where the electronics of the vehicle isn't substantially altered from standard.

For vehicles with significantly altered electrical loads that could potentially exceed the alternator output - such as those with large aftermarket stereo installs, for example, or racing vehicles without a charging system - then an Optima Yellow Top deep-cycle battery would be the ideal choice; Optima Yellow Tops all have a light gray case with a yellow top as they are dual-purpose deep-cycle AND starting batteries.

If you require an Optima battery for Marine use or for a Motorhome etc., Optima Blue Top batteries are what you need and come in two versions - a starting battery with a blue top and dark gray case or a dual-purpose deep-cycle AND starting battery with a blue top and light gray case. If your boat or motorhome doesn't have a dedicated battery bank to power living quarters etc., then a Blue Top dual-purpose deep-cycle battery is the best option, the Blue Top starting battery ideal for conventional starting-only applications with its massive cranking capacity.

No matter what the application, Optima have a battery to suit - let Automotive Superstore help you power ahead with Optima batteries today!

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