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If your car doesn’t absorb shocks, you will. And it’s a much better deal for neither to absorb any shocks because you’ve got great shock absorbers. That’s exactly what Sachs offers.

Sachs’ shocks offer high quality and plenty of safety: exactly what you need on your daily drive, or when you’re going on a longer trip. No matter which kind you opt for, know that you’ll be safe – even if the road ahead of you is full of bumps.

Why Buy Sachs

Sachs pride themselves on lightweight design and maximum safety. That’s why every year over 10 million new cars are fitted with Sachs shocks. When car manufacturers want safety, they pick Sachs. 

Sachs has different shock absorbers like monotube and twin-tube dampers, suspension struts, suspension cylinders, and others. Each shock absorber has a piston placed in an oil-filled pressure tube. Every time it moves, the oil goes through the holes, controlling resistance to movement. This same resistance converts energy into heat.

If you’ve got bad shock absorbers, you’ll notice it by vibrations as you drive, brakes taking more time, and uneven tire wear. These symptoms can become a major security hazard, and some shock manufacturers don’t pay attention to making their absorbers durable.

This is why Sachs is a great option, as their shock absorbers last more than the standard 50,000 miles, and successfully stop your car from bouncing, giving you more control over your vehicle and your safety.

Sachs’ Product Range

Sachs offers a variety of products in the shock absorption area. Their special product is the Sachs lightweight aluminum shock absorber, which makes the best of lightweight design and durability.

Their shock absorber reservoir tube has a variable wall thickness, so even if you’re loading your car more than you usually do, you can be sure that it won’t bounce or leak.

Sachs uses lightweight design for its suspension struts, as well. They keep up with technology, especially with innovations like Sachs CDC dampers. They offer stability in critical situations, easily adjustable damping force for each wheel (adjusted within seconds), reduced stopping distance, and many more.

If you want to make sure that your car doesn’t bounce in critical (or less critical) situations, Sachs’ products are the right fit for you. You can find Sachs products in our Automotive Superstore shop, and you can consult our crew on the best products for your car type and engine.

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