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If you’re ready to start rocking and rolling, TurboSmart is your company. An expert when it comes to turbocharging your engine (in a safe and smart way), TurboSmart offers the performance-enhancing products on the market.

Established in 1997, TurboSmart’s first product – a BOV Type I – was produced in a garage in Sydney, Australia. Ever since then, they’ve been engineering their products to win. They’re a world leading manufacturer of performance accessories for forced induction vehicles, and they continuously test their products to make sure they’re offering only the best quality products.

While famous by reputation, TurboSmart specializes in producing blow off valves, wastegates, and boost controls.

Why Buy TurboSmart

If you like speed, then you should know that when the throttle is suddenly released, there’s a big strain on the turbo. And that’s where a blow-off valve comes into play by taking the load off. A blow-off valve releases the air into the atmosphere instead of recirculating it, as is the case with standard engines.

Turbocharged engines require special care if you want them to last and perform, which is something that TurboSmart understands well.

Similarly, TurboSmart’s wastegates are valves which divert exhaust gases away from the turbine wheel. They regulate the boost pressure in systems with turbocharged engines and protect both the turbocharger and your engine.

When it comes to boost controllers, TurboSmart’s products control the boost level in the intake manifold by reducing or increasing the air pressure. As a whole, TurboSmart’s products can become a powerful team for your car’s turbocharged engine.

You don’t have to sacrifice safety for the thrill of the speed if you opt for TurboSmart. They offer the full package, and each product you choose will mean increased durability of your turbocharged engine and, of course, enhanced performance.

It’s time to show everyone you’re driving with TurboSmart.

TurboSmart’s Product Range

TurboSmart has everything you need for a turbocharged engine. From blow-off valves and boost controllers (mechanical and electronic), to fuel and oil management products, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve got everything you need.

They frequently cooperate with racing teams such as Lyfe Motorsport and Team Redmist, and have built up the authority of the right company for competitive drivers.

However, their products also enhance performance for any turbocharged engines so if you want modifications, choose TurboSmart.

You can find TurboSmart products in our Automotive Superstore shop, and consult our crew on the best products for your car type and engine.

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