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Plazmaman was founded in Sydney in 1988 and has since become Australia’s leading manufacturer of top quality automotive performance cooling systems. The company’s products can be found across the world in all manner of street and race cars as well as diesel and industrial applications. In addition to cooling systems Plazmaman manufactures a wide range of high-performance aftermarket engine components and other accessories.

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Plazmaman’s New South Wales production facility is equipped with everything needed to conceive, build, and test their high-quality engine components and cooling systems. Their CNC machining shop, welding department, research and development facilities as well as pipe bending, polishing, and powder coating capabilities ensure quality in every single product they put out to the market. Every step of the manufacturing process takes place on one site making it easy to guarantee top-level craftsmanship.

Why Buy Plazmaman

Plazmaman looks at the performance car parts market as something that is constantly evolving and keeps right up with the cutting edge. To this end, the company maintains strong relationships with 6 large engineering firms across the world in markets including Europe, Asia, India, and the United States. These data and technology-sharing partnerships ensure Plazmaman stays at the forefront of worldwide performance standards with its constant investment in new technology and machinery. Plazmaman’s founders share a combined 50 years of experience in automotive cooling and the company’s small 12 person workforce ensures accountability and excellent attention to detail.

In addition to its larger engineering partners Plazmaman maintains close working relationships with manufacturers of silicone hoses and cooling system cores as well as companies who specialise in high-quality metal casting. These longstanding partnerships guarantee that any part of a Plazmaman product that doesn’t come from the company itself will be held to the same high quality standards as everything that does. Much like its engineering partnerships Plazmaman’s suppliers can be found both here in Australia and abroad.

The Plazmaman Range

Plazmaman’s extensive range of products includes, but is not limited to, intercoolers, forced-induction piping, cold air intakes, heavy duty valve springs, billet fuel rails, and inlet manifolds and plenums. If you want to make your vehicle go faster, stay cooler, or generally improve it in any way, you should be considering high-quality Plazmaman products. Use the parts finder above to find the right Plazmaman product for you or contact us and let one of the Automotive Superstore product specialists help you today!

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