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When you start driving, among the first things you learn is that for the car to go forward, it needs friction. However, too much friction can be a problem. If that sounds like an impossible situation, you haven’t heard of SuperPro suspension parts.

Engineered to outperform, SuperPro suspension parts and poly bushings are designed to enhance passenger comfortable and give you the steering stability you need to feel good every time you drive. After all, they’ve got experience in the toughest environments in the world.

Why Buy SuperPro

SuperPro has a tradition of durable and reliable automotive suspension. They’ve been in the industry for over 40 years, and the base material they use is a polyurethane elastomer. This compound’s reaction with curing agents makes for a very durable material.

This is especially important with suspension parts of your vehicle, as they allow motion between the vehicle and the wheels. The two are constantly counteracting, and a good suspension system finds balance between the two and keeps you going places.

SuperPro’s products have constant tire-to-road alignment, especially when breaking and cornering loads are concerned. Their teams work very hard for this load not to affect NVH.

Their products offer maintained steering geometry, enhanced rides, safer vehicle, improved tire wear, reduced fuel usage and running costs.

What’s even more interesting is that all SuperPro suspension bushings, sway bars and suspension arms get Lifetime Warranty. If their product fails, they’ll replace it free of charge. Without exceptions.

They’re confident in the products they’re offering, and so are many vehicle enthusiasts and casual drivers alike.

SuperPro’s Product Range

SuperPro is proud of their Australian origin, and the biggest range of polyurethane bushes & sway bar bushing kits.

Their sway bar bushing kits offer enhanced durability, so there are no clanking noises when you drive. Additionally, SuperPro’s products are designed to be simple during the fitment process. They aim for effective and simple solutions that will save you time.

SuperPro has a long tradition of innovation, and their R&D teams are still working on giving drivers the best solutions. From self-lubrication to knurling, SuperPro has been at the forefront of automotive innovation for a long time, and they know how to create products that will turn every ride into smooth sailing.

You can find SuperPro products in our Automotive Superstore shop, and consult our crew on the best products for your car type and engine.

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