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Thinkware (Dash Cams)

THINKWARE has been developing GPS and automotive video recording technology since its establishment in 1997. They are now a leading provider across the globe and continue to expand their range of dashboard cameras and location‑based IT services. The company has proven itself in over 800 cities with a strong foothold in the market across several continents including Asia, Europe, North America and more recently, Australia.

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THINKWARE are dedicated to overcoming the technological challenges presented by its customers while working with them to ensure vehicle safety and product quality. THINKWARE have developed award-winning dash cams that have proven themselves in a highly competitive market. The quality of THINKWARE products is quickly apparent – just look at them! They stand up against their rivals not only aesthetically, but also in their technical specifications and online customer support.

Our range of THINKWARE Dash Cams

At the Automotive Superstore, we stock a number of dash cams and accessories from the THINKWARE catalogue. From mounts and cables; to single and multi‑channel cameras with GPS. Browse through the range using our part finder and you’re sure to find something to meet your needs.

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